Why did we develop QuikShift?

Why did we develop QuikShift?

Needing extra work and being short staffed. Over the years we’ve found ourselves in both of these situations, and speaking with friends and family we knew we weren’t alone. Not being able to find an easy, or cost-effective solution, we decided to take matters into our own hands. QuikShift was born!

We don’t know too many people who can say they don’t want or need any extra money. Unexpected bills, car trouble, work hours that suit your study/family schedule, wanting to go on a holiday, or just one of life’s many surprises that have a way of being able to drain the bank account. Throw in the increasing cost of living and stagnant wages and we find the need for some extra cash more important than ever. But how can you find extra work that suits your lifestyle? We wanted to develop a solution that enabled people to work where they want, when they want.

On the other side of the equation is the employer. People calling in sick, resigning, winning an extra contract, parents with a sick child. There’s no shortage of situations where an employer finds themselves without a key staff member. Traditionally they have a couple of options. Going through a labour hire agency where you could end up paying double your usual spend, or spending hours on the phone calling every friend, relative, or former employee you can think of to cover. Neither option is ideal being either too expensive or time consuming.

A solution for both of these problems is on the way very soon. Get ready for QuikShift!!!


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