How it Works

From construction, hospitality and transportation to warehousing, security, office administration and events promotion, we help an array of industry professionals find a cost-effective and hassle-free route to employment when they want it, where they want it!


As a marketplace for connecting employers with employees promptly, QuikShift is an Australian-based company with a mission to revolutionise the casual employment industry. The QuikShift app provides a simple, efficient and prompt platform for employers to locate employees in order to temporarily fill positions.


From staff shortages to unexpected peaks in demand, QuikShift won’t let your business be caught off guard. Our app will ensure your business runs smoothly all year round!

We know you’re most likely in a rush to find work or fill a position, which is why we’ve made the QuikShift app as simple and user-friendly as possible. Not interested in sifting through endless lists to find a profile that applies to you? QuikShift uses geographical location and refined preference filtering to ensure employers are connected with appropriate jobseekers as soon as possible. QuikShift allows you to easily filter for a variety of preferences, including:

  • Industry
  • Role
  • Qualifications
  • Geographical location – with distance
  • Start time
  • Hourly rate

Never done this before and wondering if it’s safe? Don’t worry, we completely understand your concerns, which is why we offer a rating system, whereby employees and employers are both encouraged to leave a performance rating and review once the job is complete.

With simplicity and transparency at the forefront of what our service offers, QuikShift is highly intuitive when it comes to matching only the most suitable candidates for the job. When employers create a job listing, they will be prompted to select a number of requirements that applicants must meet to be successful. Any job seekers who do not meet the minimum requirements will not be eligible to apply for the job.


As a business owner, we understand that you likely do not have the time or the resources to wade through a list of completely unsuitable candidates. We endeavor to ensure you receive only meaningful applicants to allow for a fast and streamlined process from start to finish.


What is QuikShift?

QuikShift is a marketplace for connecting employers with employees. The QuikShift app provides a platform for employers to quickly locate employees at short notice in order to fill gaps when existing staff are not available or if there is a sudden peak in demand.

QuikShift app is designed to find work or workers fast and efficiently – the way it should be done.

Who can use QuikShift?

QuikShift is made for various industries including the construction, hospitality, transport/warehousing, security, office admininstration and events promotion industries.

How does QuikShift work?

QuikShift uses geo location and qualifications to make sure that employers are connected with appropriate qualified jobseekers as quick as possible. Once the job is complete, both employer and employee have an opportunity to leave feedback for each other.

When will QuikShift be launching?

QuikShift app will launch in the second half 2018 – be sure to register your email to get notified as soon as it’s ready!

How do pay rates work?

All pay rates are set by the employer, they have the ability to offer a range of pay to allow a broad range of applicants. Jobseekers can apply for the job and enter the amount they are willing to work for based on their experience and skills.

Is there a minimum number of hours for a shift?

No, there is no minimum number of hours that an employee must work. The employer however, must pay the employee a minimum of 3 hours to ensure that fair and reasonable costs for travel related expenses & time is covered.

How are payments between business and workers carried out using QuikShift?

QuikShift allows the transaction of pay between the business and worker to happen directly. Cash, bank transfer or PayPal transactions are all possible methods of payment. It is important to agree on the payment method before starting work.

What devices can QuikShift be used on?

The QuikShift app will be lunched simultaneously on iPhone and Android phones.

What measures does QuikShift take to protect my identity?

Jobseeker profiles are only visible to those employers that you have applied for a shift with. Employer profiles only display basic information (Suburb and Rating) until you allocate a shift. Once a shift is allocated your Employer Profile will be visible to that employee.

Click here for the QuikShift Privacy Policy.

Where can QuikShift be used?

QuickShift will launch in the Australian market place only.

How can I contact QuikShift support?

Do you have feedback? Need help using the app? Any other questions? Email us: [email protected]

For Employers

How do I know that applicants will be suitable for the job?

When you create a job you will be prompted to select any number of minimum requirements (we call qualifications) so that it is clearly displayed in the job when it is posted. We will not allow any jobseekers to apply for your job unless they have met the minimum qualifications, thus ensuring you get a list of meaningful applicants.


You also have the ability to view the profile of any applicants. The profile has a list of the qualifications and corresponding photographs so that you can personally and quickly verify qualifications.

How much does QuikShift cost?

QuikShift will be free to register, post a job and start receiving applications. You will only be charged once you select a candidate to carry out the job.

QuikShift will have 2 cost options:

  1. Per approved candidate:
    • special introductory price of $9.95 for each candidate you select;
  2. Unlimited monthly subscription:
    • this payment option will be introduced in a future release of QuikShift:

For Jobseekers

How much does QuikShift cost?

QuikShift is committed to providing a FREE platform for jobseekers.


You should not be forced to pay anyone a percentage of your hard-earned money.


The cost of employment has always been a cost assumed by business and we see no reason why this should be any different for our community of QuikShift workers.

What qualifications do I need to have to apply for jobs?

Every job will be different with regards to minimum qualification requirements.


Some jobs may have not require any qualifications at all.

We encourage you to attach images to each of your qualification so that a potential employer can quickly verify them.

How does the employer-employee relationship work?

Who pays the income taxes?

This depends on the relationship between the employer and the worker. Generally the worker is responsible for managing their own taxes. Workers should consult a tax specialist for assistance. Some workers may be able to claim tax deductions for expenses incurred for their QuikShift jobs.

Note: You may be required to pay taxes according to the Australian Taxation Office. To confirm your tax obligations, please consult a tax specialist.

Does an QuikShift require an ABN?

This, again, depends on the relationship between the employer and the worker. Employers may require a applicants to have an ABN. For more information on ABN’s, see here.


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