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Looking to find easily accessible and flexible casual employment where you want it and when you want it? QuikShift is the app for you!


Designed to offer a seamless and efficient route to securing casual jobs, the QuikShift app is paving the way for smarter, quicker and more efficient employment opportunities. At the simple click of a button, the intuitive app will link you to job opportunities that are of interest to you, allowing you to connect with prospective employers in real time and pick up extra shifts instantaneously.


From construction, hospitality, transportation, and warehousing to security, office administration and events promotions, QuikShift can assist a wide range of industries in matching appropriate employees to the right employers. With a wealth of connections and jobs most suitable to you, it’s never been easier to pick up temporary work!


Wondering how it works? The process is simple, and better yet, it’s completely FREE for employees!


Work When You Want

Find shifts at a location that suits you:

  • Extra shift before/after work
  • Shift between classes
  • Earn $$ in your spare time
  • Income while looking for permanent role
Work Where You Want

Find shifts where you want:

  • Close to home
  • Close to work
  • Close to university/college

Create A Profile & Find Relevant Jobs

Finding temporary employment doesn’t have to be a stressful and timely process. Simply create an account completely FREE of charge, add a profile image, list your qualifications and any other relevant information useful to prospective employers and have the most suitable matches handpicked for you.


With QuikShift, we allow you to narrow down available shifts with ease. When you create an account, you can predefine exactly what sort of jobs you’re looking for, which allows you to select from a list of tailored results specific to your requirements. QuikShift’s preference filtering is highly intuitive in nature and allows you to narrow down the search based on:

  • Industry
  • Role
  • Qualifications
  • Geographical location – with distance
  • Start time
  • Hourly rate

Apply Instantly & Chat directly with Employer

Say good bye to time-consuming application processes and lengthy interview phases. With QuikShift, we’ve taken the unnecessary time and hassle out of applying for jobs!


QuikShift allows you to apply instantly for positions that are of interest to you based on your skill set and preferences. Chat to employers in real time to ensure it is a suitable fit and to clarify and questions prior to your shift.

Find Your Workplace with Ease

Whether you’ve filtered for work opportunities in close proximity to your location or have broadened the scope to find all available job opportunities in your city, QuikShift has an inbuilt GPS to ensure you easily locate your destination, on time and stress-free.

Work On Your Terms. When You Want. Where You Want.

QuikShift is completely free for employees to use.

Browse. Apply. Earn!